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Asset Protection, Risk Management, Tax Reduction, Business Setup & Estate Planning

Advanced Asset Protection Program

The Advanced Asset Protection Program


The one that started it all! The Advanced Asset Protection Program originally created decades ago by Attorney Jay W. Mitton, M.B.A, J.D. is the ultimate education program designed to help you protect your assets, reduce taxes and prepare proper estate planning.

For a list of changes made to the Asset Protection Kit over the years click HERE.

Your Asset Protection Kit includes:

  • The Asset Protection Bible; A comprehensive textbook on the principles of asset protection including case studies and frequently asked questions.
  • Complete Legal Forms (and software) you can use to create Family Limited Partnerships, LLC’s , Corporations, and several types of Trusts. (compatible with Mac or PC)
  • 10 Minute Quickstart DVDs and Checklists with Simple Step-by-Step Instructions.
  • Complete DVD Instructional Library.
  • Personal Legal Binder: a professional look for your completed legal forms storage.
  • Special Report CD: by attorney Jay W. Mitton “The Father of Asset Protection”.
  • The Hidden Weapon of Lawsuit Protection: Available only through this package.

In addition to the home-study program, your program also includes:

  1. Webinar Trainings – We invite you to attend live if possible so you can ask questions to the instructors.  Each webinar begins at 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) and is approximately 90 minutes.  If you cannot attend live, each webinar is recorded and archived at with a free membership sign-in.
  2. 3-Day Asset Protection Summit – Plan on attending America’s premier asset protection training conference.  This workshop is designed to teach you cutting-edge strategies for linking wealth creation and lawsuit protection with the latest income tax and estate planning laws.  This life-changing class will assist you in fully utilizing your Asset Protection Kit.  One-on-one consultation with some of the best attorneys in the nation will be available to you at the workshop.  Tuition for you and a guest is included with your purchase of the Asset Protection Program.  Click for event dates and locations.
  3. Unlimited Hotline Support – Over the next 12 months, please call us at 385-204-3008 or 800-276-1430 when you have any questions about the materials.  Our office hours are 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).

How to get started:

  1. Browse the Asset Protection Handbook.  You will notice that Chapter 1 is broken down into short sub-chapters, each dealing with the most common assets students are trying to protect.  Rather than reading the entire book from cover to cover, I suggest you read the applicable sub-chapters for your assets.  For example, if you don’t have rental real estate, skip that section for now; we can come back to at a later time.  Chapter 2 breaks down the most common legal entites into bite-size, understandable topics.  Chapter 3 shows 18 different case studies and shows how a good asset protection attorney might structure your estate for maximum asset protection and tax savings.  You will find the most frequently asked questions we get on the hotline are covered in Chapter 4.
  2. Begin watching the Training DVDs.  You’ll notice there is an introductory DVD, then 4 instructional DVDs.  Each instructional DVD contains very good instructional overviews as well as step-by-step instructions.  I was delighted to be your primary instructor during this training series.
  3. Listen to the Special Report CD.  This is a great overview of the entire program from Jay Mitton himself.  This is also a great tool for you to explain the program to spouses or business partners who may not have been able to attend the initial training workshop.
  4. Develop a Blue Print of your estate.  Before you begin filling out legal forms, I like to see students begin by reading through the Case Studies and developing an overall strategy.  The Hotline personnel cannot give you specific legal or tax advice, but can assist you in selecting the proper entities to protect your assets.
  5. Call us when we can help you!

We’re very experienced at training students and are excited to be helping you.  Watch for our e-mails about upcoming webinars, updates, and summits, and PLEASE call us when we can help.

$2995.00 Complete Version

Update Your Asset Protection Kit

Existing Asset Protection Kit Buyers can update to the latest Asset Protection Kit version for only $995.00. (previous purchase will be verified)

  • Receive two new passes to the 3-Day Asset Protection Summit! (Yes, even if you have already attended)
  • Access latest content online
  • Participate in webinars and learn the latest from the experts
$995 Updated Kit

Update Your Software

Existing Asset Protection Kit Buyers can update their software.

  • New software is compatible with all the latest operating systems (i.e. Windows 7, 8 and Mac Lion versions)
$295 Updated Software


 Update Your Handbook

Existing Asset Protection Kit Buyers can update their Asset Protection Handbook (previous versions also called Asset Protection Bible or 7 Legal Tools Made Easy)

  • Stay up to date with all the latest legal and tax laws
  • Handbook updates include new case studies and applicable law and tax tips
$295 Updated Handbook

For a list of changes made to the Asset Protection Kit over the years click HERE.